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03 May 2011


Gulliver is a member of the Giant Screen Theater Association (GSTA), the Large Format Cinema Association (LFCA) and Euromax.

The company is specialized in labo printing and processing in 35mm, 65mm and 70 mm format.

Services also include:

- Consultation

- Project Supervision

- 65mm processing

- 70mm Printing & Processing

- 35mm Printdowns with key numbers from all 65mm formats

- 35mm Printing & Processing (included 3p printing)

- 35mm Screening 3p & 4p

- 70mm/10p, 70mm/8p and 70mm/5p Screening - 2D & 3D new!

- 65mm/15p full-frame Titles, including artwork design and production

- 35mm 3p & 4p optical printer and animation stand

In addition to these in-house services, Gulliver, in partnership with key industry vendors (and at special "one-stop" Gulliver rates) can offer 65mm digital scanning and recording, 65mm wetgate and drygate optical format conversions.

Gulliver enjoys a special strategic partnership with:


35mm 3p & 4p scanning and recording - 35mm and 70mm digital restoration.

35mm and 70mm digital special effects.

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