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03 Jul 2011

Green Papaya Arts Project

Green Papaya Art Projects is an independent initiative that supports and organizes actions and propositions that explore tactical approaches to the production, dissemination, research and presentation of contemporary practices in varied artistic and scholarly fields. It endeavors to provide a platform for intellectual exchange, sharing of information, critical dialogue and creative-practical collaboration among the artistic community.

Founded in 2000 by local artists, Green Papaya promotes the importance of intellectual exchange, sharing of information, critical dialogue, and creative & practical collaboration in contemporary art practise to its artistic community. It seeks to strengthen this position by providing a platform for multi-disciplinary and cross-border collaboration and experimentation.

It organizes and design exhibitions that offer new ways of looking at Philippine and Asian contemporary realities. It is also committed to represent promising artists based in the regions, and shall encourage artistic collaborations and exchanges among artists engaged in alternative media.

Green Papaya's Programming is founded on the concept of an open platform and non-media based manoeuvres, and is inclusive of cross-practices in contemporary art that covers video/film, sound, contemporary dance, performance, public intervention, fashion, graphic and industrial design, built environment and architecture. We strive to uphold artists' positions and interests by providing the most conducive and challending conditions for both production and presentation of their works.