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22 Oct 2018

Green Music Australia

Green Music Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates musicians, organisations and festivals to reduce their environmental impact. This involves advocating on practices around energy use, packaging and waste or transport. Green Music Australia works with musicians, artist managers, agents and promoters, environmental consultants, venue and festival managers and environmentalists.

One successful programme was #BYOBottle, a campaign to phase out the use of single use plastic bottles and cups in the music scene. Green Music Australia recruited over 80 high profile musicians to act as ambassadors to promote the campaign in over 20 festivals. In this on-going program Green Music Australia estimate that they’ve so far prevented more than a million plastic cups and bottles from being used and thrown away and the initiative is still building momentum. Although their resources are limited, they are interested in sharing experiences with related international organisations and they are always open to working with artists touring Australia who would like to reduce their environmental impacts.

Like several organisations and artists, Green Music Australia has also paid attention to the financial structures in the creative industries, encouraging the music industry to move away from banks and organisations that continue to invest in coal, oil and gas.