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03 Mar 2012

GRASSI Museum of Ethnology, Germany

Grassi Ethnological Museum, Leipzig, Germany
The GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig (GRASSI Ethnological Museum in Leipzig), Germany, showcases numerous impressive collections from all over the world. The exhibitions are designed to be appealing to both art connoisseurs as well as visitors interested in the life of other cultures.
In the museum you will find colourful clothing with various patterns, weapons, jewellery and other accessories which reflect intercultural contacts and the strong links between religious beliefs, symbolic reflection and practical lifestyles. The museum showcases the art and everyday life of cultures from around the world. The most important collections in the museum are those related to Siberian shamanism, Oriental jewellery, Tibetan Buddhist works of art as well as material culture from the Andaman Nicobar Islands of India.  The exhibits in the museum will transport you to with the help of these magnificent artefacts to other worlds. Collection size: 200,000 Permanent Collections: East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian and North Asian artefacts and masterpieces.

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