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05 Jul 2011

Gallery VER

Gallery VER was established in 2006 as an artist-led initiative, with the intention to bring forth a collective stream of ideas and dynamism in how contemporary art and culture are defined and viewed. 

Through exhibitions, projects, one-off activities, events, and institutional exchanges, it seeks to initiate strands of programming under the best possible processes. The gallery space provides and supports a discursive platform that invests in both artists and curators to realise innovative exhibits and projects relevant to artistic and conceptual practices. 

The initiative aims to forge close ties with artists through professional representation, as well as mutual relationships between the artists and institutions it represents. Gallery VER strives to market and promote the works and practices of its artists on the basis of various agendas and disciplines interconnected in their work. More significantly, the gallery has a continuing commitment as an active agent to complement the formations of conceptualism in contemporary art as a legitimate and vital art form. Whether it’s singling out new relationships between art and the public, or developing strategies based on contemporary art production and dissemination, there is a willingness to explore uncharted territories when selecting artists, themes, and frameworks for its works.