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08 Nov 2019

Langgeng Art Foundation

The Langgeng Art Foundation is based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Langgeng Art Foundation (LAF) concerns itself with the contemporary art in Indonesia, with the specific objective to host a variety of activities pertaining to the making of artwork, art presentations, and the discussions about a range of strategic aspects related to the development and progress in the Indonesian contemporary art practices. Langgeng Art Foundation was established and founded in 2010 through the initiatives of Deddy Irianto, founder and manager of Langgeng Gallery, Magelang, Central  Java, Indonesia.

The focus of LAF’s work will be on the provision of opportunities and management of resources with the objective of maximizing and optimizing the creative prowess of Indonesian artists. LAF supports the creation of new artwork and encourages new achievements in the field of art. LAF relies on a range of achievements that various stakeholders in the Indonesian art community have had so far, and wishes to subsequently push or pull forward these achievements to reach higher levels. LAF will therefore also act as an institution that organizes a range of resources – be it in terms of ideas or financial resources, as well as local, regional, and international networks – so that they can be used further to enrich and strengthen the creation of Indonesian artwork within a dynamic, creative, open and competitive atmosphere, in the context of exchanges of ideas and the formation of a global culture.

LAF will focus its interests and programs on the following activities :

  • Art exhibitions presenting Indonesian artwork within the context of the juxtapositioning of assessments and understandings in comparative studies, through the presentation of the artwork alongside works by artists from outside Indonesia, in order to have a thorough understanding about the position and achievements of the Indonesian artists within the International contemporary art constellation.
  • Commissioned work/ special presentations realizing art projects/ art works initiated by Indonesian artists, which we think might be able to trigger certain artistic breakthroughs for the individual artist and serve as a source of inspirations for a multitude of new possibilities in the Indonesian contemporary art practices.
  • Artists’ exchange/residency providing studio for foreign artists (i.e. artists from outside Indonesia), so that they can hold dialogues and collaborations with their Indonesian counterparts and serve as a kind of “sparring partners” for the local artists within the context of the global art world.
  • Public Lecture Series inviting observers, critics, academics, and experts who have conducted or are doing research and proposing a range of important theses pertaining to the various aspects of the contemporary art, to present their findings and ideas to the Indonesian public.
  • Internet Database Service providing news updates from or about LAF as well as about a multitude of art activities in Indonesia; information database about the Indonesian contemporary art (serving as a portal providing accesses other visual art database, etc)
  • LAF would also like to hold various other art activities, although they might not be immediately related to the visual art.
  • To be able to bring those activities about, LAF is open to a range of collaborations, be it with individuals or with institutions, from inside the country or abroad. LAF aims to foster such collaborative efforts in a transparent and open work relationship, in order to achieve mutual progress and a common greater good.