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23 Jul 2014

Fondo Audiovisivo Del Friuli Venezia Giulia

The main goal of the FVG Audiovisual Fund is to support the development of film companies and to promote audiovisual worksin international markets. 

The Fund operates in 3 main sectors: training, to encourage the participation of local audiovisual professional in national and international courses for directors, scriptwriters, producers, editors, camera operators, and sound engineers; development, to cover all the activities between the idea and the production phase, from the script-writing and the research, to the casting, the fund raising and the presentation of a teaser; distribution, along with the promotion of the projects, this last action includes a financial support to cover production expenses, so as to create more competitive products.

Along with the ordinary management of the fund, the FVG AUDIOVISUAL FUND has organised several events aimed at creating platforms for cinema professionals from all around the world and developing the local audiovisual industry. The main purpose is to offer new training possibilities and set up new market places, where professionals can meet up, share experiences and start to collaborate.