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12 Jun 2011

Film Foundation India

The Foundation for the Promotion of Film Arts and Crafts is India's only non-profit, non-trade union Film promotion organization, founded by well-known film-makers, artistes, marketers and film personalities.
The Foundation strives to promote Indian Films and related Arts throughout the world, in turn assisting international film makers & marketers to understand and approach Indian markets.
The Foundation has laid down multiple paths towards reaching its goals, including;
• Acting as an agency for marketing Indian Films & TV software worldwide
• Assisting Indian Filmmakers in accessing Film Festivals & markets worldwide.
• Assisting Indian Filmmakers in exploiting newer Locations, pre & post production facilities worldwide.
• Assisting foreign filmmakers in filming in India as well as in aiding formation of Joint production ventures, thereby enabling greater Information, Cultural & Business exchange between the Indian Film Industry (the second largest film industry in the world) & the rest of the world.