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03 Jul 2011

Faculty of Art and Design Bandung Institute of Technology

Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD) commenced in 1947. Today, it offers a broadest suite of academic programmes across art and design studies. They have programmes in visual art, craft, and design.

FSRD ITB is one of the best art and design faculties in Indonesia located in the heart of Bandung city. As part of Institut Teknologi Bandung, FSRD has continuously refined programs which are made more globally relevant with various changes that occur in the future. FSRD ITB has a good reputation in producing artists, designers, performers and entrepreneurs both at national and international levels. They continue to encourage our students to be creative and innovative in building the future with quality works.

FSRD ITB is committed to give impactful contribution to the nation through academic activities, research, and other various creative activities both at home and abroad. The breadth and depth of the academic community's teaching, research, and creative efforts support collaboration and innovation that has an impact on society.