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23 Jan 2018

Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscape and Settlements

Bengal Institute is dedicated to imagining a Future Bangladesh through prospects of designed settlements and landscapes. Bengal Institute conducts research and design initiatives at regional and urban scales through multidisciplinary academic and research programmes. 

A team of national and international experts in many disciplines are involved in the initiatives. Ideas and programs of the Institute are open to everyone and circulated through exhibitions, public events and publications. Established in 2015, Bengal Institute has already become a leading organisation in rethinking the future of settlements and habitats.

As a place for advancing the understanding of the lived environment, the Bengal Institute presents a platform for developing ideas and programmes to improve the qualities of architecture, landscapes and settlements. In generating a critical, creative and humanistic dialogue, the Institute proposes an integrated approach to the arrangement and rearrangement of the environment. Various innovative transdisciplinary programmes of the Institute integrate architectural and design research, investigation of cities and settlements, and the study of larger regions and landscapes. Bau Design Limited is the professional affiliate of Bengal Institute.