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23 Jan 2018

Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscape and Settlements

Realizing that professions focused on the built environment can be catalytic agents for effective social and environmental change, the Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscape and Settlements takes a longer view of the architectural task. In a time of dynamic and anxious social transformations triggered by a globalized economy, the architectural process needs to go beyond problem solving and form creation. The architectural agenda should extend its sights to the intellectual, ethical and critical issues surrounding the futures of human settlements.

Bangladesh is the locus of the Institute’s programs and initiatives. With its deltaic formation, the organization of land, water and settlements take on an urgency that is particular to Bangladesh. The delta formation brings to the foreground the intimate relationship among architecture, habitation, landscape, and sustenance. At the same time, the Institute considers Dhaka as a critical site for new architectural and urban design thinking

Programs of the institute will engage architects, planners, engineers, geographers, and other environmental professionals, as well as public and private decision makers. In order to advance a critical awareness of the environment, the Institute will organize public events, including lectures, exhibitions, seminars and discussions, and publish in in local media, professional journals and specially prepared reports and texts.