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25 Apr 2011

Ex Oriente Film Handbook Vol. 1

Published by the Institute of Documentary Film

Which European TV station offers documentary slots that suit your project? Is it necessary to choose between an "international topic" and creative approach? How should a co-production budget look like? What is the future for documentaries in TV prime time? Which European institutions, organizations, training programs, forums, grants and other resources can you turn to when looking for financial cooperation on your project?

EX ORIENTE FILM HANDBOOK is a unique guide over viewing possibilities for European co-production.

IDF´s motivation to publish the handbook is to reap the fruits of several running years of the perennial educational Ex Oriente Film program by comprehensively explaining the essential issues of European co-production and making this information available to a broad range of documentary professionals. The Ex Oriente Film Handbook maps alternative routes to creation and financing of original films, gives concrete examples and advice, and provides tools for the readers to hack their own paths through the European audiovisual space with.

The handbook is published in English and tries to be useful to all European directors, independent producers, organizers of training programs, conventions and festivals as well as films schools and organizations.

The handbook was contributed to by leading European television producers, documentary filmmakers, audiovisual specialists and lawyers  (Tue Steen Müller - European Documentary Network (Denmark), Ikka Vehkalahti - YLE TV (Finland), Nick Fraser - BBC (UK), Stefano Tealdi - Stefilm (Italy), Christian Popp - ARTE (Germany), Tina Fischer - Danish Film Institute (Denmark), Franz Grabner - ORF (Austria), Paul Pauwels - RTBF (Belgie),  Ulla Jacobsen - DOX Editor (Denmark), Dr.Stefan Rüll - lawyer specializing in audiovisual law (Germany)