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19 May 2011

European Culture Portal (European Commission)

The European Culture Portal, from the European Commission, provides information on the many EU policies and funding possibilities for the promotion of culture which are transversal to several of its services as the Education and Culture, but also External Relations, Information Society and Media, and the European Development Fund, among others.

It links to specialized sites with more detailed information which specializes in aid for cultural cooperation in Europe and directs also to the national authorities responsible for culture in Europe. Visitors can also find a myriad of information on the different artistic disciplines, ranging from architecture to visual arts, dance to books and cultural heritage, as well as media and audiovisual.

The portal is being administered by Directorate General for Education and Culture (the European Commission), with its two units collaborating closely to promote culture in Europe, and also fueling the information on the website.

Culture policy and intercultural dialogue unit

The unit ‘Culture policy and intercultural dialogue’ sets out new approaches for cultural involvement with a view to giving culture a more prominent role in the European Union. As part of this, the unit is charged with implementing the European agenda for culture, as approved by the Council in November 2007, which has three main objectives:

  • The promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue;

  • The promotion of culture as a catalyst for creativity, within the framework of the Lisbon strategy; and,

  • The promotion of culture as a vital part of the EU’s external relations.

In order to achieve these aims, Member States are working together through the ‘Open Method of Co-ordination’. The unit also engages in a structured dialogue with the culture sector, notably through three thematic platforms.

“Culture” programme and actions unit

The main task of this unit is to put into effect the Culture Programme (2007-2013) in co-operation with the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. This programme finances hundreds of projects promoting the transnational mobility of cultural actors, encouraging the transnational flow of art works and of cultural and artistic products, as well as encouraging intercultural dialogue. Through this programme, the unit also manages the “European Capitals of Culture” scheme and European prizes in the field of culture, notably for cultural heritage, contemporary architecture, literature and contemporary music. In addition, the unit liaises with the Cultural Contact Points charged with promoting the Culture Programme in the participating countries.