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08 May 2011

Euphoria Borealis Ry

Euphoria Borealis ry is a Finnish cultural association working in the fields of visual and audiovisual culture. It consists of a group of young people interested in arts and culture in general, both professionals and students. The aim of the association is to encourage, develop and diversify the knowledge and making of audiovisual art by young people.

Created in 2000, the Helsinki-based association has been a member of a European cinema network NISI MASA since its foundation. Besides having coordinated the NISI MASA short film script contest in Finland since 2001, Euphoria Borealis has also organised international film and photography workshops (Encounter of Imagenations in Sodankylä in 2002 and Fiskars: details in 2004) during previous years. For the year 2005, Euphoria Borealis was a partner in Script & Pitch Workshops training course project and hosted one of its workshops in Sodankylä, Finland. In 2006 the association hosted the international jury meeting of the 5th NisiMasa Script Contest and in 2008 Nisimazine Helsinki workshop.

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