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22 Oct 2018

Environmental Film Festival Australia EFFA

The Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA) is a yearly film festival that explores the relationship between humans and their environments, featuring work from Australian and international filmmakers. They screen a range of works including traditional feature-length documentary, short form, fictional films, experimental works, virtual reality, full dome and IMAX titles. The aim of EFFA, which has now grown from its Melbourne base to present programmes in other cities, is to encourage discussion, action and hope for a more sustainable future. As EFFA Patron and former leader of the Australian Greens Party Bob BROWN states, ‘EFFA gives Australians a glimpse into some of the most pertinent environmental issues facing the world today and reminds us that these issues are not all happening in faraway places, they are happening right here on our doorstep.’

There is a yearly call for films and many titles are from overseas, although EFFA strives to present 30% of their films from local talent and they are actively seeking to represent indigenous perspectives. EFFA is open to hosting international artists who can share their experiences with the local environmental film production industry, although their funding to support these initiatives is limited.

An interesting initiative of EFFA was the 2017 partnership with the filmmaking agency Digital Storytellers, which provided a workshop for eight environmental organisations to learn how to create their own digital content with easy to use technology.46 The short films were then screened during the festival. This was a way to raise awareness of the work of these environmental organisations, but it also enabled the organisations to reach out to diverse audiences through creative distribution methods, vital in the ever-changing media context. 

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