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03 Sep 2010

Danish Institute at Athens

The Danish Institute at Athens is a non-profit, independent institution operating under the Danish Ministry of Education. It is both is both an academic institution and a cultural institute. The Institute aims to promote research, education and culture in Greek and Mediterranean archaeology, history, language, literature, visual arts, architecture and cultural traditions.

The Institute offers accommodation to, among others, scholars, students, and artists, and organise concerts, conferences, exhibitions, seminars and courses. They also receive excursion groups and arrange for their access to museums and archaeological sites. The Institute is recognised by the Greek Ministry of Culture as an archaeological school, allowing it to apply for permits on behalf of Danish archaeologists wishing to undertake field projects in Greece. The Institute organises a programme of open cultural events, including lectures in an international language, concerts and exhibitions. 

The Institute is closely connected to Danish educational Institutions. It hosts conferences, symposia, courses for PhD students, and other courses. It receives visits from excursion groups and arranges for their access to museums and archaeological sites.