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03 Apr 2013

Crossing Borders - The Eurasia-Pacific Documentary Training

Crossing Borders - The Eurasia-Pacific Documentary Training is an international training programme launched in 2010 by Documentary Campusand European Documentary Network (EDN). It brings together filmmakers and documentary experts from both Europe and Asia, who are highly motivated to collaborate with each other across national borders, and have the ambition to enter each other’s markets both artistically and financially. In line with its name Crossing Borders travels between countries in the Asia-Pacific region and has thus far taken place in China, South Korea and Malaysia.

15 documentary professionals (authors, directors, producers) coming from Europe and Asia-Pacific countries are selected for each session and emphasis is given to those who show an ambition and the capacity to build longer-term relationships in the “foreign region” with which they will be collaborating during the workshops.

The language of the workshop is English. There is no participation fee for the workshop, but all participants must pay their own travel, accommodation and subsistence.

Refer to for further information regarding the application and selection process.

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