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01 Jun 2020

Composing Trust 2019/20 research report on EU international cultural relations

culture Solutions has published a research report 'Composing Trust 2019/20' which reviews the EU's policies and programmes in the field of international cultural relations.

The Composing Trust 2019/2020 research report aims to

  • become a reference knowledge resource on EU international cultural relations
  • inform the new 2019 European Parliament and Commission
  • sketch out a working agenda for culture Solutions in the years to come
  • engage with all those caring for a common agenda on EU international cultural relations

The report concludes with 10 key findings and sets out priorities for future artistic, research and policy agendas in EU international cultural relations

Among the priorities, the report concludes that research on EU international cultural relations will be most fruitful if it is run through projects and methods that are:

  • multi-level (EU but also global and community),
  • multi-faceted (heritage, security, climate, cultural policies, development),
  • multi-disciplinary (including science, the arts, and policy studies)
  • multi-stakeholders (including or targetting artists, cultural professionals, policymakers, media, scientists, audiences)
  • and multi-cultural and intercultural (mixing Europeans and non-Europeans and applying an intercultural approach).

The report also comments on the question of perceptions of what Europeans and the EU do in the world. The authors state that "only by studying perceptions more systematically, more precisely and in the longer term (taking into account decades-long studies on cultural values), will we be able to assess the impact of the initiatives reviewed in the present report."

The research was undertaken by the culture Solutions research team on a pro-bono basis over 10 months.

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