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06 Jul 2012

CHINA: museums | publication and radio programme

Recently published, CHINA: museums is the insider's guide to over 200 museums in China and has guided the journey for a BBC radio tour of some of China's most intriguing museums.

The book was written by Miriam Clifford, Cathy Giangrande & Antony White and is illustrated with over 500 original images.

Over five years, the authors travelled throughout China visiting museums and pooling their expertise in art, history, archaeology, photography and publishing to produce the most up-to-date, ground-breaking guide to both private and public museums in the country. Science and technology, history and archaeology, politics and art — it's the ultimate guide on China's must-see museums.

The book has been one of the guides for a BBC Radio programme 'Roger Law and the Chinese curiosities'  in a 5-part series touring the new world of some of China's eclectic and popular museums.

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