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26 Jun 2011

Charleroi Danses

By diversifying its role, Charleroi danse, the choreographic centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, presents itself as the only facility responding to the needs of dance today. In the course of its seasons and events it offers an ambitious and international programme interspersed with two major highlights: the international dance biennale in the autumn of odd years and then every spring LEGS, which explores the historical challenges faced in dance.

Charleroi danse operates on two sites and in two cities.

La Raffinerie in Brussels is a place dedicated first and foremost to professionals. It houses 5 production and outreach offices for companies in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and hosts regular classes and workshops, research residences and open studios as well as specific programmes. Concerned about the future of the dancing profession, Charleroi danse is working on developing training in French-speaking Belgium in collaboration with its partners. Offering a diploma in the first instance, the intention is then to position the training as a masters course in dance.

Located in the heart of Molenbeek, La Raffinerie develops a range of activities and encounters intended for local people living in the commune.

Les Écuries in Charleroi is continuously open to different audiences. With a regular programme and appropriate support, audiences benefit from genuine enrichment in the choreographic art form. Up-and-coming and established artists, from Belgium or elsewhere, from today’s generation or part of the history of dance – all contribute to enriching what the spectator sees.

Creative teams can access the best technical facilities in 3 studios with accommodation.