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26 Jun 2011

Centre for New Media Culture (RIXC)

RIXC Centre for New Media Culture is a new media artists collective, and the producer of new media artworks, events and publications, based in Riga, Latvia.

RIXC was established on May 2000 on the basis of E-LAB (Centre for electronic arts and media, since 1996). The basic activity of RIXC is to initiate the most novel and current topics in digital art by performing innovative experimental projects in art, science and technology in Latvia and internationally. RIXC fosters cultural exchange as well as promotes new forms of cultural and artistic expression. RIXC approaches new media not only as a new field of artistic and cultural practice, but also as an infrastructure to support other forms of art and culture.


RIXC also works in close collaboration with a large number of local and international partner organisations, and is actively involved in various cultural networks.

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