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06 Jul 2011

Casa Asia

Casa Asia (Asia House) was created with the will to strengthen the knowledge and dialogue about Asia in Spain, with the analysis and discussion of civic, political, social, cultural, economic and environmental issues, supporting activities and projects that contribute to a better knowledge between Asian and Spanish societies, and to promote the development of relations among them.

The Asia-Pacific region is the planet’s new center of gravity. Not only does it lead the changes that are taking place in the 21st century, but it also points out the challenges that our societies will have to address in all areas of knowledge: economy, art and culture, society, education, technology, innovation or science.

Casa Asia aims to:

  • facilitate the exchange of cultures and projects of common interest between Spain and the countries of Asia-Pacific to achieve better knowledge and mutual understanding
  • train institutions, companies and entrepreneurs in their positioning strategies in Asia
  • strengthen ties with ASEF (Asia-Europe Foundation) and a greater knowledge in Spain of the ASEM process (Asia-Europe Meetings)
  • promote Barcelona and Madrid as meeting places between Europe, Asia and the Pacific, facilitating institutional, business, cultural and social rapprochement between their countries
  • promote intercultural debate and the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda to achieve a better future for everyone
  • serve as a forum for the diplomatic representations of Asia-Pacific in the dissemination of their interests and realities
  • educate the school and youth population in Asian languages and disciplines, and in the promotion of values such as cooperation, solidarity and non-discrimination
  • provide information of interest and the opinion of experts to understand the keys to current events in the region
  • disseminate programmes aimed at the media and the population using new information technologies
  • collaborate with the Asian communities residing in our country to learn about their concerns and projects