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19 May 2014

Carioca Studio

Carioca Studio is an image concept house based in Bucharest, specialised in advertising visuals. After having worked as art directors in advertising companies, three photographers with fine art background and a producer founded Carioca Studio. They offer integrated visual services ranging from production (locations / casting / hair and make-up artists / set construction / mock-ups) to execution (photography / directing / CGI / illustration / FX / animation) and to video & stills post-production.

The three founders, Dragos Traistaru, Andrei Stoleru and Dragos Coman have a strong artistic base, since they graduated graphic arts at the University of Arts in Bucharest. They have a deep knowledge of drawing, painting and sculpture while photography is not only a trigger action of the camera, but a powerful device of forming and de-forming the reality in a personal manner.

Carioca’s clients come from numerous places around the world including Canada / USA / South America / GB / France / Italy / Germany / Poland to South Africa / Turkey / Russia / Dubai / Qatar / China / India / Vietnam.