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14 Jul 2015

C2O library & collabtive

Established in mid-2008 in the center of Surabaya, C2O library & collabtive is a library and collaborative lab-space for people to learn, interact and create. Founded in response to the problem of dismal, fragmented information & library system and infrastructure in Indonesia, C2O mission is to facilitate the formation of new possibilities and innovations, as well as the creation of open, critical, empowered knowledge and informed action. 

C2O realize this mission by collaborating with its members and the various parties in creating a nurturing shared ecosystem to:

  1. collect, organize, and share collections of books, films, and other information media

  2. develop local-national-international networks

  3. foster innovation, knowledge production & sharing

Within and beyond its shared library & lab-space, C2O's activities include trans-disciplinary, trans-border research(-action) & development, discussion, media publication (book, journal, video), festival, workshop, media lab, etc.

Operationally, C2O is funded independently through memberships, events, tools & facilities rents. It has received numerous awards, grants, and sponsorship for its various projects from local to international organisations, e.g. Social Enterprise Challenge for Arts, Creative & Tourism Organisations (Diageo-British Council, 2015), the Creative Cities Research (British Council, 2015), Urban Aspirations (Ford Foundation, 2014), and Urban Knowledge Dynamics (Ford Foundation, 2012-2013).