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15 Dec 2020

Spain | AADK Crossing programme - Space for Transformation

Due to the effects caused by the COVID19 pandemic, the hosting of more than 40 international artists expected for our 2020 residency program at the AADK Centro Negra in Murcia, Spain has been affected.

Faced with this situation, we have decided to start a new initiative. Crossing – Space for transformation is intended for those who need a space to create, hold exhibitions or workshops, focus on analysis and/or promotion of their work, for those who wish to have a coworking office or the ones who want to take a temporary retreat in a space surrounded by nature and a lively artistic community.

We invite all independent creators, entrepreneurs, artists, writers & researchers, cultural agents, audiovisual producers, and people interested in art and nature to check the new possibilities of exchange, collaboration, access to spaces, and resources that our platform is offering.
Your participation will provide support and contribution to the continuity of our project.

Crossing will be active between September 2020 and March 2021. Those interested may choose any of the possibilities offered on our list. Housing can be booked for a period of minimum 2 weeks and maximum 2 months. This initiative is designed to bring together resources, spaces, and knowledge. It facilitates the meeting between people of different origins, backgrounds, and ideas with the common interest of being part of a temporary community based on caring, sharing experiences, and knowledge.

In order to apply, check out our offers in the list (https://aadk.es/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/AADKSpain_Crossing_V3.pdf), then fill in the form (https://forms.gle/GKx7uw3jLjkrC5tg9).

Please note, the deadline published on this content is indicative - interested applicants should check the current availability before applying.

AADK Spain is an artist-run platform that develops spaces for research and contemporary creation. With a focus set on experimental processes, its primary interest is to explore the notions of body, territory, and spatiality..

The platform advocates the decentralization of culture and the access to contemporary art in non-urban areas. It addresses local issues as means to understand global problems. Currently based in Centro Negra (Blanca, Murcia) it holds several programs among which its Artistic Residencies stand out.

Link to our website: https://aadk.es/crossing-space-for-transformation/?lang=en