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06 Apr 2011

British Council Sweden

British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations with other countries. British Council’s approach to cultural relations is a broad one. It covers governance and human rights as well as the arts, science, education and intercultural dialogue - and we set out deliberately to break down the boundaries between them.

From 2008 to 2011 British Council Sweden is organising its work around three broad themes with high relevance for the UK and Sweden. Each theme consists of a series of partnership projects in the following cross disciplinary areas.

  • Energy, climate change and consumption

  • Creative and knowledge economy

  • Diversity and migration

Energy, climate change and consumption

Projects under this theme consider the impact of energy use on our environment, and the actions being taken (or not being taken) at different levels of society to encourage sustainable behaviours and to mitigate the effects of climate change. Work under this theme will aim to inform and develop the strong interest in the energy, climate change and consumption debate in both countries.

Creative and knowledge economy

Projects under this theme aim to foster a greater understanding and share new insights from the UK and Europe about creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation and demonstrate their contribution to greater economic, social and cultural prosperity in cities. Work under this theme aims to establish a regional network of creative urban influencers who are making the case for innovation and who are actively contributing to greater economic, social and cultural prosperity in cities around Europe.

Diversity and migration

Projects under this theme address the recurring topics of identity, multiculturalism and diversity. These topics are prominent in both Swedish and British societal and cultural debates, and pose a significant adaptive challenge for the advanced societies of Western Europe. We aim to expose our audiences and partners to the experiences, ideas and contributions of both the UK and third countries with respect to these issues.