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17 May 2011

British Council Slovenia

British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations with other countries. British Council’s approach to cultural relations is a broad one. It covers governance and human rights as well as the arts, science, education and intercultural dialogue - and we set out deliberately to break down the boundaries between them.

British Council has been operating in Slovenia since 1992. The focus of its activity in Slovenia is on next generation leaders and influencers, who we want to support by connecting them with innovative people, institutions and ideas from the UK and other countries in the region.

It has moved away from being a traditional bilateral ”cultural institute” to one that builds flexible and dynamic cultural relations within and beyond Europe. Its mission is to develop “next generation Europe” by working on large scale projects that create mutually beneficial partnerships and networks across the continent.

British Council Slovenia's work is focused on three “programme areas” of global importance, within which we have developed projects with a wide variety of partners to meet the needs of people at a national and regional level.  These programme areas are:

  • Intercultural dialogue – building trust and understanding between individuals, cultures and nationalities, strengthening civil society and contributing to positive social change.

  • Creative and knowledge economy – sharing the UK’s expertise in the Arts, Science, Education and the Creative Industries for mutual, international benefit.

  • Climate change – increasing the understanding for the need to tackle climate change and building relationships and networks that lead to action on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

British Council Slovenia offers examination services for English language proficiency.

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