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02 Oct 2018


The Bophana Center acquires film, television, photography and sound archives on Cambodia from around the world and gives free public access to this heritage. 

Since it opened in 2006, over 240,000 people have rediscovered these documents in Phnom Penh and throughout the country. For teachers, students, researchers or journalists, it is an exceptional documentary database. Currently, nearly 700 hours of videos are available. From the beginning, the Bophana Center’s main objective is to offer young Cambodians vocational training as well as to provide professional support in the long run. Thus, archivists, film and audio-visual technicians as well as young filmmakers have been training at the Bophana Center. The center is now including multimedia: it launched pilots and developed a new multimedia training curriculum. 

While being a discussion forum for the artists, the Bophana Center also supports art creation in all forms and produces documentaries and fictions about Cambodia, which are the archives of tomorrow. Since film and broadcasting productions have increasingly become a part of the activities, it has enabled the centre to become more financially independent and reflects the ambition to strengthen the audio-visual sector in Cambodia.