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03 Apr 2013

Asian Side of the Doc

Asian Side of the Doc is an annual international documentary co-production event organised jointly by Sunny Side of the Doc and Bang Singapore. Bringing together producers, distributors and broadcasters Asian Side of the Doc offers a platform to build strong professional and international networks, to promote deals and presales for programs in production and to initiate new coproduction projects.

Asian Side of the Doc started in Hong Kong in 2010, followed by Seoul (2011), Tokyo (2012) and Kuala Lumpur (2013).  The event organises four key activities in bringing documentary producers and broadcasters together; master classes, pitch sessions, side by side meetings, and panel discussions.   There are also documentary screenings and an event called Government Sidebar which is a private event with leading government promotion agencies and public broadcasters from around the world as well as with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union to share ideas regarding initiative and support of local production industries across Asia.