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15 Jan 2021

Artscape – Menų agentūra Artscape

Arts agency ARTSCAPE is a project-based performing arts agency from Vilnius, Lithuania, working in the field of culture and arts management since 2012. They aim to provide an opportunity for vulnerable society groups to participate in culture and to initiate social change through high-quality art projects.

Artscape works in 2 directions

Artscape is a network and training hub for social engaged artists

  • Organising trainings for theatre professionals
  • Exchanging practices in international contexts

Artscape develops projects with communities to create a change

  • Professional theatre productions
  • Program with refugees
  • Program with communities from multi-etchic backgrounds

With its projects, Artscape contributes to the idea of an open society and the diversity of contemporary culture. It also creates opportunities for people who do not participate in culture and experience isolation to pursue their creative potential and participate in high-quality cultural activities.