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12 Apr 2018

Arts Institute (Institut umění)

Art Institute (IU) was founded on January 1, 2005 as a separate department of the Theatre Institute . Since April 10, 2007 is part of the Art Institute - Theatre Institute . The Arts Institute is an information, consulting, training and production center for the arts, especially for the fields of theater, music, dance, visual arts and literature.


  1. contribute to the development and improvement of societal prestige of art
  2. promote the exchange of information and experience between various artistic fields
  3. provide information and advisory services to state and local authorities, public and non-profit organizations and professionals
  4. encourage the participation of Czech organizations and individuals in international projects and networks
  5. present and promote Czech arts abroad
  6. pursue education of artists and cultural workers, especially in the field of management


  • administers comprehensive Czech-English cultural portal that provides information on current grants, scholarships, conferences, collaboration opportunities, job offers, publications, etc .; portal also offers a directory of cultural subjects, materials for cultural policy and survey of financial support for projects
  • manages Czech-English music portal Czech Music
  • manages Czech-English Czech Literature Portal
  • provides advice on the design and financial support artistic and cultural projects from domestic and foreign programs and funds (with emphasis on the use of EU funds)
  • addressing the scientific research projects, especially in the field of cultural policy
  • implementing a program of creative residencies for various artistic disciplines (visual arts, literature, performing arts ...)

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