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27 Jun 2011

Art Outreach

Art Outreach Singapore was incorporated as an educational non-profit organization in 2003. The organization received charity status in October 2004, and was granted Institute of Public Character (IPC) status under the National Arts Councilʼs “Support for the Arts” Central Fund in February 2004.

Our vision is a visually literate public, comfortable in engaging with various aspects of visual art including a basic appreciation of art history, especially with art that is relevant to Singapore’s heritage.

Our mission is to increase visual art literacy and to promote art appreciation in Singapore by offering an art education programme for primary and secondary school students, art events and presentations in the community, art tours for the public, as well as developing a body of well-trained and committed volunteers to serve as art advocates, providing a vital resource in the community. This is best encapsulated in our motto: “Art Education for the Community by the Community”.

The Art Outreach School Programme seeks to bring art education to primary and secondary schools in Singapore and thereby to:

  • Promote aesthetics

  • Instill art appreciation

  • Promote art criticism

  • Foster an awareness in Asian and Western Art History

  • Raise awareness of art from a young age

  • Inspire art production

The Art in Transit programme represents a journey in time as well as an effort to curate the collective consciousness of the neighbourhoods along the North-East Line (NEL) and Circle Line (CCL). The site-specific artworks reflect the cultural and historical heritage of the area and its community. This is a unique and dynamic setting as compared with that of a museum or art gallery.

The Marina Bay Sands Art Path is one of the first and most significant collections of site-specific public art in Singapore. Comprising monumental artworks that were conceived by artists collaborating with an architect to create integrated works of art, collectively they form an Art Path, enriching the experience of a public space.

The seven art installations are by five renowned artists: Antony Gormley, Chongbin Zheng, Ned Kahn, Sol LeWitt and James Carpenter, are all handpicked by Marina Bay Sands’ architect, Moshe Safdie. These large-scale artworks collectively form an Art Path, which blurs the boundaries between art, science, architecture, and nature on a dramatic scale. Click to download the Brochure on Marina Bay Sands Art Path