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26 Sep 2011

Art Mediation Resource | Manifesta Workbook


The Manifesta Workbook is a free, print-on-demand art mediation resource. It consists of a collection of non-linear chapters focused on art mediation in exhibition settings. The printed chapters can be collected in the Workbook Binder to make your own Manifesta Workbook.

The Manifesta Workbook is a great free download resource for artists working in community and education settings, exhibition curators, art mediators, gallery and museum educators, art teachers and other arts and education specialists around the world.

Manifesta is the roving European biennial of contemporary art. It changes its location every two years. Manifesta purposely strives to keep its distance from what are often seen as the dominant centres of artistic production, instead seeking fresh and fertile terrain for mapping a new cultural topography. This includes innovations in curatorial practices, exhibition models and education.

Every two years Manifesta mobilises people, ambitions, dreams and knowledge to aid in the realisation of the Manifesta Biennials. Each newly created network is utilised long after the biennial is over. The learning gained from each project developed by Manifesta informs its future practice. To this end the International Foundation Manifesta, based at its headquarters in Amsterdam, runs a multi-faceted program, which includes the Manifesta Journal (published three times per year), the ever-expanding Manifesta archives, a lecture series, the Coffee Breaks and publications such as the Manifesta Workbook.

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