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05 Jun 2011

Art Film

The International ARTFILM Festival is a festival of competitions whose aims are:

To present the latest international and national art films, to encourage interest in this kind of film art, to increase its publicity, as well as attract the attention of producers, distributors, TV companies and cultural institutions. To promote and initiate new films by undergraduates of film and television academies. To create a forum for contacts, dialogue and exchange of experience among international filmmakers and to support thereby the cultural integration of the new millennium.

The festival counts both competition and non-competiton sections.

During the 2006 edition of the festival, the Slovak audience will have the chance to see films from Asia in the informative section: Jakarta - Singapur – Tokyo A journey through Asian cinematography. Also at the 2006 edition, “Nearest to the Border” is a presentation of the most successful films recently made in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.