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15 May 2011

Ars Baltica

Since 1991, the ARS BALTICA network has been connecting the Baltic Sea states in a cultural collaboration. The power and uniqueness of ARS BALTICA lie in combining cultural policy development and close collaboration with cultural operators. Created on the initiative of the Ministries of Culture of the Baltic Sea Region, the network maintains tight links with the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).

In its function as a cultural think tank for the whole Baltic Sea Region (BSR) ARS BALTICA links the political and the operative project level in the field of cultural co-operation, collects and spreads information from the broad range of arts and cultural life around the Baltic Sea, grants projects that are of high artistic value with the ARS BALTICA logo, a seal of quality, and gives special support to these projects.

The main goals of the network ARS BALTICA are:

  • supporting the implementation of artistic/ cultural projects of high-quality with a strong focus on the BSR

  • offering platforms for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of (cross-)cultural co-operation

  • adding value to already existing projects and co-operation models through active networking from a higher perspective

  • advocating culture at the meetings of other organisations of the region in order to increase the significance of the cultural sector

  • developing contacts and collaboration with other regional networks and strengthening regional co-operation

  • promoting the Baltic Sea cultural life outside the own core region

  • co-operating with other leading European cultural organisations

  • giving input to a common Baltic Sea cultural policy.

Benefits to project leaders

Projects granted with the AB logo are provided with

  • promotion of the project on the ARS BALTICA website, in the bi-weekly ARS ALTICA e-newsletter and via information sent to the partner organisations and media in Europe

  • advising funding opportunities

  • assistance in expanding the Baltic dimension of a project and finding proper partners in the core region and beyond

  • privileged possibility for active participation in and project presentation at the ARS BALTICA Forum – a meeting place of cultural operators and decision makers

  • access to a large database of cultural institutions and organisations operating within the BSR and beyond.


The organisational structure of ARS BALTICA mirrors the strength of the network: all the ARS BALTICA member states are represented with at least one delegate in the ARS BALTICA Organising Committee. The national desks give input to the daily business of ARS BALTICA, which is run by the ARS BALTICA Secretariat, when necessary. At their meetings which usually take place in spring and autumn each year they take strategic decisions. The national desks are placed in institutions which have both cultural and political functions in their respective countries (e.g. ministries of culture, arts councils, cultural institutes etc.). Owing to this structure the ARS BALTICA Committee Members stay in a close relation to both policy makers and cultural operators.

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