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15 May 2011

Ars Baltica

Since 1991, the ARS BALTICA network has been connecting the Baltic Sea states in a cultural collaboration. The power and uniqueness of ARS BALTICA lie in combining cultural policy development and close collaboration with cultural operators. Created on the initiative of the Ministries of Culture of the Baltic Sea Region, the network maintains tight links with the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).

ARS BALTICA stands for international co-operation between cultural practitioners from across the Baltic Sea Region. They facilitate and encourage co-operation with the aim to emphasise the importance of culture for modern societies. They advocate for the significance of arts and culture on the political level and promote the cultural life around the Baltic Sea. Capacity Building and Cultural Sustainability is their driving force.

Our key activities are based on three key terms:

Exchange - They bring cultural practitioners and stakeholders from the region together to continuously contribute to the international dialogue about culture and creativity in the Baltic Sea Region.

Expertise - They follow the cultural trends in the region, create synergies and provide cultural practitioners from the Baltic Sea Region with trainings on relevant and important issues.

Outreach - They think that cultural practitioners from the region deserve more attention for their exceptional work and they support them in generating on- and offline visibility for their projects.