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27 May 2014

St. Joost School of Art & Design

St. Joost School of Art & Design, with one location in Breda and one in Hertogenbosch, is part of Avans University of Applied Sciences, which has been the best university of applied sciences in the Netherlands for many years. The studies offered in both Breda and Hertogenbosch are:

  • Art & Research 
  • New Design & Attitudes
  • Illustrated & Animated Storytelling 
  • Photography, Film & the Digital (alleen in Breda)

There is also the chance to do exchange programmes. All exchange programmes relate to current social themes, and involve interdisciplinary collaboration, entrepreneurship, theory, research and workshops. During the process students work on their own artistic and professional identity. They participate in projects with external parties and collaborate with Dutch and international students from multidisciplinary study backgrounds.