27 May 2014

AKV|St.Joost - Master of Animation

The one year Master course Animation is intended for practising professionals and young bachelor graduates who wish to consciously position themselves with regard to the knowledge domain of animation.

The programme focuses on the broad role of animation within the contexts of media, art, design, games and science where there is a growing demand for knowledge and innovation of these areas of application through new design questions, production methods and narrative strategies. From this orientation on contexts and application ranges of animation you will be able to specialise individually, based on a clear insight into your own ambitions, possibilities and talent.

The Master is part of an international network and provides direct collaboration with the professional practice and other educational institutes in the Netherlands and abroad. This independent Master course in Animation is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands.

The aim of the Master of Animation is to raise the level and quality of knowledge about animation in the Netherlands and, through its graduates, to stimulate the international growth sector of the creative audiovisual industry.

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