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24 Jun 2011

Acción Cultural Española, AC/E (Spain's Public Agency for Cultural Action)

Acción Cultural Española, AC/E (Spain's Public Agency for Cultural Action), is a public institution whose purpose is to further and promote Spain’s culture and heritage within and beyond our borders through a wide-ranging programme of activities including exhibitions, conferences, cycles of lectures, cinema, theatre, music, audio-visual productions and initiatives designed to encourage the mobility of professionals and creators.

AC/E is a flexible and effective instrument for projecting an image of Spain as a talented country that is innovative and dynamic in its artistic production and proud of its legacy. Culture, language and historic and contemporary heritage are essential components of Spain’s image. The prestige and quality of its programmes and its experience make AC/E a meeting point for external cultural action.

Coordination with public and private institutions for promoting culture overseas
AC/E currently works with more than a hundred institutions, both public (state, regional, local and international) and private (foundations, associations, cultural centres, companies and financial entities), in Spain and abroad. AC/E brings an open and global approach to the organisation of projects, ensuring they can circulate fluently from the local to the regional and international sphere through this network of collaborating national and international institutions.

Support for Spanish artists within and beyond our borders
From heritage to emerging art, from cinema to photography, from science to history and from architecture to town planning, AC/E’s projects explore the most diverse aspects of Spain’s contribution to universal culture while also updating it with the most recent contributions from our creators. AC/E consolidates and supports the international presence of our emerging artists at international events, while fostering and strengthening networking between international creators and programmers.

International programme of projects involving designers, scientists and creators
AC/E takes overseas scientific and technological projects of cutting-edge sectors of our cultural and creative industry – industries of growing importance in Spain’s and Europe’s economy and whose internationalisation AC/E supports.