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18 Aug 2016

The World Poetry Academy

The World Poetry Academy – Accademia Mondiale della Poesia was founded in 2001 in Verona, attended by some 50 poets from all over the world.

The creation of the World Poetry Academy actually answered both to a general need and to an institutional worry. In these days when the globalisation of the economy and of the communication aims at unifying behaviours and ways of life, at extolling a consumer pattern of expression and exchange and at minimising the cultural differences and of the individual peculiarities, and when the barbarity threatens the foundations of civilisation, the defence of poetry and of values both singular and universal which it spreads seems to be more important than ever. 

In order to carry out this resolution it was necessary not only to watch out that each country member of UNESCO celebrated the 21 March as World Poetry Day in its territory, but also to establish an organisation that brought together poets from all around the world to create a “conservatory” of the excellence of poetry and a create link among the different poetic expressions of the 5 continents.