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17 Aug 2016

Abay Kazakh State Academic Opera House

The Opera House was founded in Almaty in 1934. Its building is famous in Kazakhstan for its architecture as well as for the number of Kazakhstani opera and ballet stars it has produced. Founder and first director, Russian composer Eugeny Brusilovsky, got an assignment from Leningrad’s Union of Composers and moved to Almaty in 1930s. He had created 8 national operas and became a founder of Kazakhstani national operatic art. In the 1940s, the theatre was granted the status of Academic Theatre. It also acquired a new building.

The Opera House accommodates 789 people. Every year, it performs around 200 ballet and opera shows for more than 70,000 spectators. It has a repertoire of over 35 operas and 40 ballets of Kazakhstani, Russian and European composers.

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