30 Oct 2017

Venice International Performance Art Week | open call

With a new project under the title CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY Prologue 1, the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK heads into a new direction. Open international call for artists to join established performance artists for 10 days intensive workshop co-creation process in Venice 7-16 December 2017.

The project is intended for those artists, performers, visionary poets, who wish to articulate and refine their skills, expand their practice, exploring new ideas and approaches, allowing their work to become more fully realised. It offers a rare opportunity to explore new territories of performance in an extended, intensive period of time outside of an academic setting. It is both a learning path and a unique occasion to work and collaborate together in the ART WEEK venue Palazzo Mora, while strengthening the creative talent and intellectual freedom of each participant.

CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY Prologue 1 consists of:

  • 10 days of intensive co-creation workshop processes for international artists in tutor groups led by the artists Andrigo & Aliprandi (Italy), Marilyn Arsem (US) and artist duo VestAndPage (Venice/Germany). The selected artists will work in one tutor group during the entire process. Places per tutor group are limited to a maximum of 15.

  • Morning lectures by guest artists Preach R Sun (US) and Marcel Sparmann (Germany), curator Francesca Carol Rolla (Venice) and artistic director and producer Elisabetta di Mambro (Venice);

  • Theoretical discussions on specific topics structured in the form of roundtables and open dialogues.

  • Exhibition section displaying performance pedagogical material.

  • Two evenings of official, public performances on 15 and 16 December 2017 at the ART WEEK venue Palazzo Mora, Venice. The culmination of the 10 days co-creation process will be open to the audience: we will transform the venue together into a dynamic performance site through a series of collective performance operas, as well as collaborative and solo performances.

Founded on the principles of artistic collaboration, cooperation and temporary artistic community, CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY Prologue 1 is born to be an artistic experience of a different kind. The concept developed out of the ART WEEK's core mission and its Educational Learning Program. The aim is to empower participating artists who are selected through an Open Call, to articulate and develop their individual praxis within an independent temporary autonomous zone of co-creation under the tuition of established performance artists.

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