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19 Aug 2016

UNESCO | culture section jobs in Paris and Bangkok

UNESCO-logo.svg_UNESCO is currently recruiting professionals for three culture sector jobs. Two high level jobs (open international call) are in the Culture Sector division in Paris. The 3rd job is at UNESCO Bangkok: applications are open to candidates resident in Thailand only for a Project Officer for the "Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and a Culture of Peace in South-East Asia" project.

The two jobs based in the Sector for Culture Unit at UNESCO in Paris are:


Under the authority of the Chief of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions Section (DCE), and the direct supervision of the Head of the Programmes and Stakeholder Outreach Unit, the incumbent, an integral member of the 2005 Secretariat on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, will plan, coordinate, and follow-up the statutory work of the Convention's governing bodies, as well as those bodies governing related international instruments under the responsibility of the Section. He/she is also charged with contributing to and implementing a stakeholder outreach programme with public and private actors to raise visibility and implement the articles of the 2005 Convention. Within this context, the incumbent will:

  • Provide substantive and organizational support to the planning, coordination and follow-up to the statutory meetings related to the 2005 Convention;

  • Prepare statutory working and information documents and draft decisions on key priorities identified by the governing bodies such as preferential treatment for artists from developing countries, digital issues and the diversity of cultural expressions, coordination and consultation in other international forum;

  • Contribute to the preparation and follow-up of activities to monitor the implementation of the 1980 Recommendation on the Status of Artists and the 1952 Universal Copyright Convention  and contribute to strategies that pursue synergies with the 2005 Convention and/or other relevant international agencies;

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of a stakeholder outreach programme targeting in particular Inter-governmental Organizations (IGOs), International Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs) and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the work of the Convention governing bodies as well as the coordination and evaluation of the work of related UNESCO Chairs and Category II Centres;

  • Contribute to the implementation of programmes and projects related to UNESCO global priorities and transversal issues in line with priorities of the Culture Sector and the conventions of the governing bodies; Contribute to the mobilization of extra-budgetary funding and resources and to the formulation of strategies and documents for the implementation of relevant projects and the coordination of reports to donors.

Deadline for applications: 19 August 2016



Under the direct supervision and guidance of the Chief, Executive Office, the incumbent will support the Culture Sector’s knowledge management efforts, primarily through information gathering, dissemination and analysis functions, in line with the Sector’s approved programme, strategic objectives and priorities, with the overall aim of improving the organizational performance and coordination.  More specifically, the incumbent of the post will:

  • Ensure the implementation of the Culture Sector’s knowledge management plan from a programme perspective by ensuring the entire production process of quality, accurate and timely knowledge products (such as briefings, correspondence, talking points, speeches, articles, policy documents, press releases etc.) in relevant thematic areas through the use of internal and external sources; coordinating narrative contributions, draft substantive input, edit and/or revise texts and documents, research, fact-checking and data-analysis; and reviewing and evaluating proposed policies and procedures and make recommendations in support of the sustainability of the Sector’s knowledge management system;

  • Identify, assess and recommend ways to create, share and utilize knowledge within the Sector to contribute to a culture of knowledge-sharing amongst staff at Headquarters and the Field and to 'institutionalize' knowledge management practices, e.g. through information sharing platforms and databases/repositories, other technology and/or innovations with the goal of exchanging, organizing, storing, retrieving and making available quality data a, documents and information;

  • Proactively build and maintain knowledge networks, partnerships and communities both internally and externally, in particular with other UN Organizations in support of knowledge sharing and management.

Deadline for applications: 19 August 2016


3. The 3rd UNESCO culture sector job is for a Project Officer for the "Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and a Culture of Peace in South-East Asia". This job is based in Bangkok and is only  open to applications from candidates resident in Thailand.

You can download the job description for the UNESCO Bangkok Project Officer job here JA_14-16_Project_Officer_CLT and on this link

Deadline for applications: August 25 2016