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07 May 2024

Poland | Audiovisual works on ‘Fables for Robots’ for Kinomural 2024

Fundacja Kinomural is calling for audiovisual works (with sound) on the topic of ‘Fables for Robots’ to be displayed on façades in Wroclaw, Poland, in September 2024. 

Kinomural is created at the interface of the new media art and the urban tissue. Their project realises site-specific projections that are closely integrated with the places where they are displayed. They transform empty walls of buildings in old districts of the city into huge screens. Thus, they construct a gigantic outdoor audio-visual gallery in Wroclaw. The city’s architecture, experimental film, art in the public space, video art, and cities of the future have all inspired the creation of Kinomural, a new medium for audio-visual art.

This year they are looking for astronomic, cybernetic, robotic (and AI) unfathomable fantasies.

Works may be created especially for this project, although they also accept pre-existing creations. Works submitted to the competition should be prepared in 1200 x 1724 resolution and the length of the work must be 2 to 8 minutes. 

All the works from the call presented during Kinomural in September 2024 will take part in the competition, in which three distinctions will be awarded of 3,000 PLN gross each (funded by the Patron of the Contest – OKRE Development). 

Kinomural 2024 application guidelines 

Deadline: 7 May 2024