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13 Oct 2014

The People's Weather Report | global call from Australian arts project


GoingNowhereThe People’s Weather Report is seeking 300 'weather reporters' from around the world - reflect on your individual connection to the weather and climate on a short audio report, whether poetically, personally or scientifically. Melbourne's Arts House hosts the project, part of Going Nowhere, an arts and environment event happening simultaneously in Melbourne, Australia and Cambridge, UK.

In an installation created by eco designer Tanja Beer, using recycled materials and showcased during Going Nowhere, audiences are invited to experience a 24 hour sound work of original ‘weather reports’, collected from participants located around the world.

Taking the temperature of our collective response to climate change, our partner ABC RN will also produce two one-hour packages for radio broadcast selected from the submitted reports.

We are looking for participants to take part in this global project

If you’d like to make a contribution and respond personally, politically, poetically or scientifically, reflecting on your individual connection to weather and the climate, please email going.nowhere@melbourne.vic.gov.au. We'll send you full technical instructions on how to create and submit your three-five minute audio weather report.

Your weather report should connect with your concerns, beliefs and ideologies within your local context. Once submitted, these weather reports will be edited together to create the sound work for the installation.

Weather report submissions close on 13 October

Going Nowhere image Cambridge Junction

Going Nowhere is one event happening on two sides of the globe simultaneously—in Melbourne and in Cambridge, UK—exploring how artists, communities and audiences can sustainably generate international creative experiences without getting on a plane.

Through four local and international arts collaborations and a program of interactive forums and workshops to be announced soon, Going Nowhere rehearses possible futures and embraces the shared delights of staying put and reaching out.

Going Nowhere takes place at: