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19 Feb 2024

Pan-Adria 2024/25 for dance productions in Slovenia, Italy or Croatia

Pan-Adria is seeking contemporary dance productions from contemporary dance individuals or collectives based in Slovenia, Italy or Croatia. 

Pan-Adria is a network of 7 contemporary dance partner institutions from the Adriatic, Pannonian and Alpine regions. They are tasked with fostering the co-production and circulation, visibility and impact, collaboration and inclusivity of contemporary dance in the region. 

They are looking for a novel, transformative, radical, emancipatory and/or sustainable concept and project, ‘taking up the region to take on the field’ as a means of addressing contemporary issues in society, art, history and environment.


  • An established contemporary dance individual and/or collective
  • Based in the Adriatic, Pannonian and/or Alpine regions (Slovenia, Friuli – Venezia Giulia, Veneto and/or Croatia)


  • Co-production funds of 7,000 EUR
  • Production support, including technical support and promotion
  • Circulation support, including funds of 1,000 EUR per performance for the duration of one year after the premiere across the network
  • Infrastructure support, including rehearsal spaces and residencies
  • Residencies and consultations for shortlisted concepts and projects

Pan-Adria 2024/25 application guidelines

Deadline: 19 February 2024