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05 Jun 2016

National Theater of Korea | residency program for traditional musicians


Call for applications from traditional musicians for an international residency program at National Theater of Korea, Seoul. Open to suitably qualified applicants from 24 countries including Indonesia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Philippines, Lao PDR, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

National Theater of Korea (NTOK) have an open call for International Residency Program ‘Cultural Partnership Initiative(CPI)’. National Theater of Korea’s CPI program is to facilitate links between organizations and musicians operating within the international musical landscape by providing an open platform for exchange, collaboration and research.

We at the National Theater of Korea have enthusiastically taken up the task of organizing this residency program, initiated by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea in an effort to broaden the context of traditional music and practices and to contribute to building of a potential association among theaters related professionals. Looking to the NTOK’s Cultural Partnership Initiative Program as a potential ground, it is with the hope that this potential association may bring new kinds of relationships among a diverse theaters and musicians.

National Theater of Korea’s CPI program is to provide an international platform to facilitate exchange between traditional musicians as well as music practitioners, and scholars. This residency program will serve as a meeting point for musicians from all parts of the world. Organized as a series of concerts, Korean instrument learning workshops, and cultural field trips, National Theater of Korea will reflect a new set of challenges in the fields of traditional music.

How to Apply
1. Download and read '2016 CPI NTOK Guideline', and '2016 CPI NTOK Application & Proposal form'  (see website) to make sure we can support your participation.
2. Follow the instructions and send your application with required materials to yeye0928@korea.kr

Deadline for application: June 5th, 2016

Disciplines: Traditional Music

Time Frame: July 2016 - November 2016

Paid by Host
Airfare, Accommodation, Living expense, Lesson fee, Cultural expenses
For more information see '2016 CPI NTOK Guideline.doc'

-Traditional musicians from 24 countries (Listed Below) based in Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, or Latin America
-Regular members of each country’s national theater, the national music company, or equivalent organizations, OR
-professors or the other positions of comparable level with expertise in traditional musical instrument at universities or equivalent institutes
-competent in English or Korean
-enthusiastic about learning Korean culture and international cultural exchange

Required Materials
1) Application + Proposal form
2) Resume(CV)
3) Recommendation Letter
4) Proof of employment
5) Proof of education
6) Photo or Video of musical performance
7) Medical Report(Health Examination)
-All documentations are preferred to be in English.
-Subject line should read: ‘2016 CPI APPILCATION’
-Please collect all the materials and send them in one or two email.
-Please email to yeye0928@korea.kr

We receive applications from 24 countries listed below.
1. Vietnam
2. Indonesia
3. Cambodia
4. Philippines
5. Bangladesh
6. Mongolia
7. Myanmar
8. Laos
9. Sri Lanka
10. Nepal
11. Pakistan
12. Ghana
13. Ethiopia
14. Mozambique
15. Rwanda
16. Uganda
17. Tanzania
18. Senegal
19. Uzbekistan
20. Azerbaijan
21. Colombia
22. Peru
23. Bolivia
24. Paraguay
*We also receive applicants from Argentina, Tajikstan, and Angola.