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23 Jul 2012

Mini Operas | global search for creative talent

Mini Operas is the English National Opera’s global search for new creative talent. ENO is after the most creative, innovative and interesting writers, music makers and film makers out there, whatever your level of experience or knowledge.

Mini Operas is a three-part competition from ENO that aims to find new creative talent for opera.  We’re out to find creative and innovative writers, composers and filmmakers. This is a global search/competition, aiming to bring new creative talent into the writing and production of mini operas.

Stage 1 has been completed, with the selection of ten scripts chosen to go through to the second round of Mini Operas.

Stage 2 is now OPEN: the search for soundtracks. Choose a script, make your own soundtrack for it and post it onto the site.

Deadline for soundtracks: 23 July


Then Stage 3 will open. On 6 August, ten winning soundtracks will be selected as the basis for a FILM COMPETITION. Filmmakers are invited submit work in response to the scripts/soundtracks and post films on vimeo.

Deadline for films: 24 September

Finally, one winner from each stage (script, soundtrack, film) will be selected to be mentored for a year.