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31 Mar 2010

Korea 2010 international artist residency program

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Supplement Space STONE&WATER is a nonprofit multi-arts space situated in South Korea on the footholds of Anyang River and non-operating space of Seoksu Market, claiming to support “art in everyday” based on “public realm”, “locality” and “ecology”. Its aim is to propel various experimental artistic activities and projects through which art and life meet. The representative projects that STONE&WATER directed in the last 8 years include the opening exhibition ” in 2002, “Revival Exhibition” in 2003 which used the old Anyang police station and jail, “2004 Anyang River Project-FLOW” which linked the shut down Samdeok Paper mill and Anyang River in 2004, “Seoksu Market Project” from 2005-2007, and “Educational Art Project” from 2006-2007. Through developing the various art and cultural programs through such activities, STONE&WATER has contributed to the development in art and culture of the local area, as well as having an impact on not only the art world but in many areas of the society.

Managing the international residency program that makes close contact with the local community through transforming the idle space within the traditional Seoksu Market in Anyang into a creative space, STONE&WATER has organized a project since 2007 that merges residency program, festivals, education and volunteer programs under the name “Seoksu Art Project (SAP)”. The SAP has been performing the role of a “global” platform of communication between the local and the global and establishing itself as a core mid-to long-term project of STONE&WATER, which encompasses various artistic activities initiated by the institution so far. Seoksu Art Project (SAP) is now calling for applications for an international residency in 2010. For application details, please refer to the following link:-

Flickr credit: flickr.com/photos/gliuoo

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