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16 Feb 2024

Japan | YUI – PORT Artist-in-Residence 2024

YUI – PORT is calling for applications from Japanese and international artists for their Artist-in-Residence programme in 2024 near Niigata City, Japan. 

The purpose of Artist in Residence project is to host and support artists from Japan and overseas who conduct creative activities while residing at the Niigata City Centre for Creative Arts and International Youth Exchange (YUI – PORT) in Japan, a refurbished former junior high school facility.

It is a complex facility that conducts two activities: ‘experience-based activities for youth’ and ‘cultural and artistic activities’. The location is near the central urban area of Niigata City and located in an environment facing the Sea of Japan and the pine forest. 

Selected artists will need to participate in the citizen exchange project at least once, in cooperation with Designated Administrator. The Designated Administrator will prepare materials and bear the expenses necessary for citizen exchange activities. (There is an upper limit to the amount of payment.)

The residency is open to active artists or groups able to communicate in either Japanese or English (although support will be given to one person).

The programme has two strands:

Autonomous Activity Programme 2024 Summer

For short-term residential activities of emerging artists from 8 July to 19 August 2024. 

Invitation Programme 2024 Autumn

For long-term residence of invited artists from 1 September and 30 November 2024.

For the Invitation Programme support is provided, including: 

  • production costs (200,000 JPY for material purchase cost, research expenses, etc.)
  • accommodation
  • per diem (2,800 JPY per day while in residence)
  • travel (to a maximum of 100,000 JPY in Japan and 200,000 JPY in foreign countries)

YUI – PORT Artist-in-Residence application guidelines

Deadline: 16 February 2024