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30 Jun 2010

International Playwright's Forum Competition 2010

The Competition 2010
For this competition, the International Playwrights' Forum will be looking at one of the painful issues of the contemporary world: the problem of exile and refugees, migration and identity in the world that is not ours. The theme of the competition is therefore Refugees/Exile/Identity/Migration.

Playwrights are invited to submit plays that deal with this issue in the contemporary world where hundreds of millions of people are displaced for political or economic reasons or through more serious violence between communities. How do they communicate with their new society? Are they second rate citizens? What do they bring to their new world? What does their new world offer them? What kind of identity do they look for and experience?

The Rules

1.     The entries must be in one of the UNESCO languages, English or French. By special agreement with Fujairah Festival, scripts may also be submitted in Arabic. Writers in other languages should submit scripts in English, French or Arabic, accompanied by a script in the original language.

2.     The Competition is open to all playwrights without regard to age, sex, nationality or membership of any organization.

3.     Playwrights may submit one play only, which should be not longer than 100 pages (1800 characters with spaces per page).

4.     No previously published or produced plays will be accepted.

[NOTE: this is an extract of the Rules.]

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