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24 Jun 2021

Freemuse Freedom of Artistic Expression Award 2021 - call for nominations

Freemuse invites artists, activists, organisations, cultural institutions and media platforms to nominate anyone they believe should be celebrated with the Freemuse Freedom of Artistic Expression Award. 

Nominations will be open until 24 June 2021 at 20.00 CET. 

The annual Freemuse Freedom of Artistic Expression Award exists to celebrate artists, activists, organisations, cultural institutions and media platforms who have significantly contributed to protecting, defending and promoting artistic freedom anywhere across the world. This includes activities celebrating artistic and creative expressions, challenging restrictive legislations and cultural norms, or working to overturn structural discrimination and injustices limiting access to artistic freedom. 

Previous recipients of the Award include the Afghan Women’s Orchestra, Zohra; Belarusian rock musician, Lavon Volski; and Kurdish musician, Ferhat Tunc. 

The recipient of the annual Freemuse Freedom of Artistic Expression Award is honored at a Freemuse gala celebration.  

The Freemuse Freedom of Artistic Expression Award is open to artists, activists, institutions and organisations who have worked to promote artistic freedom, challenge artistic censorship, and expose threats to artistic expressions on the ground or internationally. This includes work across all genres of artistic expressions, such as musicians, theatre performers, and cartoonists. 

Freemuse invites artists, activists, organisations, cultural institutions and media platforms to nominate anyone they believe should be celebrated with the Freemuse Freedom of Artistic Expression Award. You can nominate more than one person and may nominate yourself, your group or your own organisation.